Particulars Name of Organisation Website
Indian Standard codes Bureau of Indian Standards BIS
Online discussion forum of Structural Engineers Structural Engineering Forum of India SEFI
The Institution of Engineers India The Institution of Engineers India IEI
The Institution of Engineers Mumbai The Institution of Engineers Maharashtra State Centre
American Concrete Institute American Concrete Institute ACI
American Concrete Institute – India – Mumbai India chapter of American Concrete Institute
Structural Steel Construction American Institute of Steel Construction AISC
Earthquake Engineering National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering NICEE
Steel Design and Construction Institute for Steel Development and Growth INSDAG
Technical Journal The Indian Concrete Journal ICJ
Builders Builders’ Association of India BAI
Housing Industry Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry MCHI
Engineers Architects Association Practicing Engineers Architects and Townplanners Association India PEATA
Geotechnical Society Indian Geotechnical Society IGS
Water works Association Indian Water Works Association IWWA



Author Titles
CBRI The climatic Data Handbook
Krishan Climate Responsive Architecture ( A Design Handbook of Energy efficient building)
Kunders Hospitals (Planning, Design and management)
Neufert Architects date 3/e
Vol I : Hindu and Buddhist period
Vol II : Islamic Period
Dechiara Time- Saver standards for Building Type 4/e
Dechiara Time- Saver standards for Housing and Residential development
Dechira Time-saver standards for Interior Design and space planning 2/e
Watson / Callender Time-saver standards for Architectural Design
Harris Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architecture
Fletcher History of Architecture
Pickard The Architects Handbook
Kasoo Interior Design
Hiraskar Great Ages of Word Architecture
Rao Interior Design (principals  and practice)
Rao Planning Designing of residential Buildings
Reekie’s Architecture Drawing
Butler Standard Handbook of Architectural Engineering
Nelson Tom and ISO 9000 for Architects and Designers
Gill Gill Rendering with pen and Ink
Ching Architecture ( form- space and order)
Maudgil Architectural Design (classic and Indian)
Parmar Design fundamentals in Architecture
Ponnuaswamy Bridge Engineering
Raina Concrete Bridge (Inspection, Repair Strengthening, Testing and Load capacity evaluation)
Raina Concrete Bridge Practice (Analysis Design and economic) 2/e
Raina Concrete Bridge Practice (Consultation maintenance and rehabilitations)
Raina Concrete for construction
Raina Consultancy management Practice
Raina Consultancy and construction Agreement for Bridge Including Field Investigations
Jagadeesh Design of Bridge Structures
Ghosh Repair and Rehabilitation of steel Bridge
krishna Raju Design of Bridge 3/e
Victor Essentials of Bridge engineering 5/e
Raina Concrete Bridge Handbook
Bindra Principles and Practices of bridge engineering
Saxena Tunnel engineering
Pathak Bridge engineering
Raksit Construction maintenance, restoration and rehabilitation of highway Bridges
Raksit Design & Construction of Highway Bridges
Rangwala Bridge engineering
Alagia elements of Bridge engineering
Troitsky Cable stayed Bridges
Rajagopalan Bridge superstructure
Dr.N.Subramanian Space Structures-Principles and Practice, Multi Science Publishing, U.K., 2007
Building Drawing
Author Titles
Shan-kale Building drawing 4/e
Shah Principles of Building Drawing
Ghose Civil engineering drawing and design
Ghose A book of home plans
Verma Civil engineering drawing
Gurcharan Singh Building, planning, designing and scheduling
Parikh Understanding concept of structural analysis and design
Rangwala Civil engineering drawing
Kameshwara Rao Building Planning and drawing
Sikka A course in civil engineering drawing
Chakravarty Civil engineering drawing
Zaidi Drawing and Design of Residential and commercial Building
Gurcharan Singh civil Engineering Drawing
Building Construction
Author Titles
Mantri Insittutes The A to Z of practical Building Construction and its management
Peurifoy Construction, Planning, Equipment and methods
Jagman singh Heavy Construction (Planning, Equipment and method)
Chudley Building Construction Handbook
Francis Building Construction IIIustrated
Hans/ Banz Building Construction (Details Practical Drawings)
Molner Building Construction Drafting and Design
Jha – Sinha Building Construction
Sharma Construction Equipment and its management
Jha – Sinha Building Construction
Deodhar Construction Equipment and Job Planning
Arora A Text – Book of Building Construction
Birdie – Ahuja Fundamentals of Building Construction
Punmia Building Construction
Sushil Kumar Building Construction
Goyal Handbook of Building Construction
Berry Construction of Building (Vol 1 To 5)
Rangwala Building Construction
Mckay Building Construction 4 Vols (Each Volume)
Paulson Computer Applications in Construction
Civil Engineering Handbook
Author Titles
Vazirani – Chandola Concise  Hand Book of civil Engineering vazirani- Chandola Handbook of civil Engineering Vol I,II,III)
Ramamurtham A Handbook of civil Engineering (Conventional & Objective)
Gurucharan Singh Standard Handbook of Civil Engineering
Khanna’s Indian Practical Civil Engineer’s Handbook
Chen The civil engineering Handbook
Concrete Technology
Author Titles
Gambhir Concrete Technology 2/e
Neville Concrete Technology
Shetty Properties of Concrete
Krishna Raju Design of Concrete Mixes
Sabnis Concrete Mix Design
U.S.D.I Earth Manual
U.S.D.I Concrete Manual
Vazirani- Ratwani Concrete Structures
Krishanaswamy Concrete Technology
Hondoo, Puri Concrete Technology
Gupta and Concrete technology, quantity
Subhas Chander surveying and valuation
Ramchandran Concrete Admixtures Handbook
Chitkara Construction Project Management (Planning scheduling and Control)
Raina Construction Management Practice
Joy Handbook of Construction Management
Dhir- Gahlot Construction planning and Management
Barrie Professional Construction Management
Oberlender Project Management for Engineering and Construction
Ritz Total Construction Project Management
Bhattacharyya Fundamentals of PERT/CPM and Project Management
Wiest and Levy Management Guide to PERT/CPM
Marchman Construction Scheduling with Primavera Enterprises
Srivastava Construction Planning and Management
Punmia Project Planning and control with PERT/CPM
Sharma Construction Equipment and its Management
Rangwala Construction of Structures and Management of Works
Gupta – Singh Construction Engineering and Management
Author Titles
Fontana Corrosion Engineering
Biczok Concrete Corrosion and Concrete Protection
Shreir Corrosion
Vol- I Metal Environment Reactions
Vol- II Corrosion Control 2 VolsSet-
Author Titles
Shroff Grouting Technology in Tunneling and Dam Construction
Creager-Justin- Hinds Engineering for Dams
Bharat Singh and Varshney Engineering for Dams
USDI Design of Small Dams
CBIP Rock fill Dams
Author Titles
Ghosh Dictionary of Civil Engineering
Scolt Dictionary of Civil Engineering
Draughtsman Ship (Civil)
Author Titles
Ghosh- Verma Draughtsman Civil
Malik-Meo Civil Engineering Drawing
R Dev Basic Draughtsman Civil
Birdie Civil Draughtsman
Malik-Meo Draughtsman Civil (Theory & Practical
Environmental (Pollution)
Author Titles
Arceivala Waste Water Treatment for Pollution Control 2/e
Dutta Subijoy Environmental Treatment Technologies for Hazardous and Medical Wastes (Remedial Scope and efficacy)
Mahajan Pollution Control in Process Industries
Metcalf Waste Water Engineering (Treatment Disposal and Reuse)
Pandey Environmental Engineering
Rao Air Pollution
Sawyer Chemistry for environment engineering and Science
Viessman Water supply and pollution control
Sincero Environmental Engineering (A Design Approach)
Masters Introduction to Environmental engineering and science
Hammer Water and Waste water technology
Duggal Elements of Environment engineering
Cheremisinoff Biotechnology of waste and  wastewater treatment
Banerji Environment Chemistry
Culter Environment Risks and Hazards
Abbasi Renewable Energy Sources and their environment Impact
Asano Waste water Reclamation and Reuse
De Environmental Chemistry
Elangovan Unit Operations in Environmental  engineering
Goel Water Pollution ( Causes effects and control
Gohill Land treatment of waste water
Khopkar Environmental Pollution analysis
Rao Environmental Pollution Control engineering
Varshney Water pollution and Management
Venkateswarly Water chemistry (Industrial and Power station, water treatment
Bishop Pollution Prevention ( Fundamentals and Practice)
Canter Pollution Prevention (fundamentals and Practice Assessment2/e
Chapra Surface water Quality Modeling
Crites Small and Decentralized waste water management systems
Cunningam Environment science 3/e
Davis Introduction to Environmental engineering 3/e
Denevers Air pollution control engineering
Eckenfelder Industrial water pollution control
Enger Environmental Science
Field Environmental Economics (An Introduction)
Lagrega Hazardous Waste Management 2/e
Peavy Environmental Engineering
Rittmann Environmental Biotechnology (Principles and applications)
Vesilind Solid Waste Engineering
Tchobanglous Integrated solid waste management
Montgomery Environmental Geology
Rao Waste Water Treatment
Ghose Operation, Maintenance of sewage treatment plants
Who Operation control water treatment process
Sharma Environmental microbiology
Garg Swage waste disposal and air pollution engineering
Garg Water Supply engineering
Pandey Environmental Management
Chatterjiee Water supply, waste disposal and environmental pollution engineering
Bhatia Environment pollution and its control in chemical processes and allied industries
Punmia Waste Water Engineering
Kotaian Kumara Swamy Environmental engineering Laboratory manual
Murali Krishna Air pollution and control
Nalco Chemical co. The Nalco Water Handbook
Nathanson Basic Environmental technology (water supply, waste management and pollution control)
Alley Air quality control handbook
Lund McGraw Hill Recycling Handbook
Lee Handbook of environment engineering calculations
Alley Air quality control handbook
Corbitt Standard handbook of environmental engineering
Freeman Standard handbook of hazardous waste treatment and disposal
Shyam Divan Environmental Law and policy in India 2/e cases materials and statutes
A.P.H.A (American Public Health Association) Standard, Methods for the examination of water and waste water
Freeman Industrial Pollution Prevention handbook
Henry & Heinke Environmental science and engineering 2/e
Karia Environmental science and engineering 2/e Waste water treatment (concepts and desingn approach)
Draste Theory and practice of water and waste water treatment
Nazaroff Environmental Engineering science
Noyes Pollution prevention technology handbook
Benjamin Water chemistry
Author Titles
Gajria Law relating to building and engineering contracts in India
Estimating and Costing
Author Titles
Khana Vazirani Chandola Civil Engineering estimating and costing
Jagjit Singh Estimating and costing in civil engineering
Birdie Estimating and costing in civil engineering
Mahajan Text book of civil estimating and costing (Specification, valuation P.W.D. account & planning)
Gurucharan Singh Estimating costing and valuation
Rangwala Valuation of real properties
Gupta Subhas Chander Concrete technology quantity serving and valuation
Peurifoy Estimating, construction costs 5/e
Dutta Estimating and costing
Joglekar Professional information for quantity surveyors
Namavati Professional practice (with elements of estimating, valuation contract and arbitration)
Namavati Theory and practice of valuation
Chakaravati estimating, costing specification and valuation in civil engineering
Engineering – Mechanic
Author Titles
Beer Johnston Vector mechanics for engineers (Dynamics and statics)
Kleppner An introduction to mechanics
Kumar K.L Engineering mechanics 3/e
Kazmi Solid mechanics
Srinath Advance mechanics of solids
Popov Engineering mechanics of solids 2/e
Shames Engineering mechanics ( statics and dynamics)
Meriam Engineering mechanics
i) Statics  ii) Dynamics
Bhavikati Engineering Mechanics
Boresi Engineering Mechanics (statics & dynamics)
Ramachandra Engineering mechanics
Timoshenko Engineering mechanics
Nelson Engineering mechanics (schaum) 5/e
Timoshenko Engineering mechanics
Shelley 800 solved problem in vector mechanics for engineers – vol- I : statics (schaum series)
Shelley 700 solved problems in vector mechanics for engineering Vol – II – Dynamics (scnaum  series)
Rajput engineering mechanics
Ramamurtham Engineering mechanics
Bansal Engineering mechanics
Prasad Applied mechanics (statics and dynamics)
Khurmi Text book of engineering mechanics
Junnarkar Applied mechanics
H.J.Shah Worked examples of applied mechanics
Tayal Engineering mechanics (statics & dynamics)
Singh Mechanics of solids
Pathak Engineering mechanics
Engineering – Materials
Author Titles
Agarwal Introduction to Engineering Materials
TTTI : Chandigarh Civil Engineering Materials
Budinski Engineering Materials (Properties and selection)
Gurucham Singh Building Materials
Kukreja Material Testing Laboratory manual (for quality control)
Khanna-Justo Highway Materials
Rangwala Engineering Materials
Parbin Singh Civil Engineering Material
Varghese Building materials
Hasan Civil engineering material
Rajput Engineering material
Engineering – Geology
Author Titles
Kesavulu Engineering Geology
Garg Geology- physical and engineering
Khurmi Engineering Geology
Bangar Principles of engineering geology
Prabin Singh Engineering and general geology
Gupta Text book of engineering geology
Mukherijee Text book  geology
Blyth Geology for engineers
Davis Statistics and Data analysis in geology 3/e
Billings Structural geology 3/e
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Finite Elements
Author Titles
Krishanamoorthy Finite element analysis ( Theory and programming ) 2/e
Zienkiewicz The finite element method 3/e
Bathe Finite element procedures
Cook Concepts and applications of finite element analysis 4/e
Thompsan Introduction to the finite element methods
Chandrupatla Introduction to finite element in engineering 3/e
Buchanan Finite element analysis ( Schaum)
Reddy An Introduction to the finite element method 3/e
Gupta Finite and boundary element methods in engineering
Desai Introduction to finite element method
Ramchandran Boundary and finite elements
Hutton Fundamentals of finite element analysis
Liu The finite element method
Rao The finite element method in engineering
Seshu Textbook of finite element analysis
Bhavikati Finite element analysis
Logan First course in the finite element method
Huebner The finite element method for engineer 4/e
Rajasekaran Finite element analysis
Foundation Engineering
Author Titles
Das Principles of foundation engineering
Bowles Foundation analysis and design 6/e
Fang Foundation engineering handbook
Mittal Pile foundations design and construction
Kurian Design of foundation systems 3/e
Jha- sinha Construction and foundation engineering
Nayak Foundation design manual
Winterkom Foundation engineering handbook
Srinvasulu Handbook of machine foundation
Tomlinnson Foundation design and construction
Kasmalkar Foundation engineering
Varghese Foundation engineering
Sam and Das Theory and practice of   foundation desing
Kurian Shell foundation ( Geometry, analysis, Design and construction)
Kameshwara Rao Vibration analysis & foundation Dynamics
Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics and Hydraulics Machinery
Author Titles
Giles Fluid mechains and hydrauclics (Schuum)
Evett 2500 solved problem in fluid, mechanics and hyraulies
White Viscous flurd flow 3/e
Ramamurtham Hydraulies fluid, machanics and flurd machines
Bansi Tex book of fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines
Khurmi Text book of hydraulics, fluid mechnics and hydraulics machnies
Rajput Fluid mechincs and hydraulic machines
Malhotra The fluid mechanic and hydraulic
Arora Fluid mechanics, hydraulics and hydrauitc machines
Franzini Fluid, machanics with engineering applications
De Nevers Fluid, machanics for chemical enginners including hydraulic machines
Modi – Seth Hydraulics and fluid mechincs including hydraulic machines
Kundu Fluid Mechanics
Garde Fluid Machanics through problems
Fox Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
A.K.Jain Fluid Mechanics including Hydraulic Machines
Vasandani Hydraulic Fluid Mechnics and Hydraulic Mechines – Vasandani
Fluid Mechanics
Author Titles
Agrawal Fluid Mechaincs and Machinery
Som and Biswas Introduction to fluid Mechanics and Machinery
Subramanya Theory and Application of fluid Mechanics (with 1500 Examples problem and objective question)
Esposito Fluid Power with Applications
Fox Introduction to Fluid Mechanics 5le
Garde Fluid Mechanics through problem
Gupta – Gupta Fluid Mechanics and ita application
Denevers Fluid mechanics for chemical Engineers
Franzini Fluid Mechanics with Engineering applications
Hughes Fluid Dynamics 3/e (Schaum)
Shames Mechaincs of Fluids
Streeter Fluid, Mechanics
White Fluid, Mechaincs
Jain Fluid, Mechhanics
Kumar K.L Engineering fluid mechanics
Rangwala fluid, mechanics
D.S. Kumar Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Engineering
Massey Mechanics of Fluids
Munson Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
Douglas Fluid   Machanics
Subramanya 1000 Solved Problems in fluid maechaics, Including Hydraulic Machines
Cengel Fluid Mechanics
Rajput Text book of fluid mechanics
Hydraulics  / Pneumatics
Author Titles
Majumdar Oil Hydraulic Systems ( Principles and Maintenance
Majumdar Pneumatic Systems (Principles and maintenance)
Stewart ABC’s of Hydraulic Circuits
Stewart ABC’s of pneumatic circuits
Audel Pneumatic and Hydraulics
Khurmi Text book of hydraulics
Rajput Text book of hydraulics
Parr Hydraulic and hydraulic
Stewart Hydraulic and pneumatics power for production
Hydraulics Machines
Author Titles
Banga Hydroulic Machines
Vasandani Theory pf hydroulic Machaincs
Rajput Hydraulic Machaincs
Priyani Hydraulics and hydraulic Machinery
Malhotra Hydrailics and Hydraulic Machinces
Author Titles
Khan Text book of Geotechnical Engineering
Ramamurthy Geotechnical Engineering
Venkataramaian Geotechnical Engineering
Das Principles of Geotechnical Engineering
Saxena Instrumentation in Geotechncal Engineering 
Shroff Grrouting Technology in Tunnelling and Dam construction
Alam Singh Modern Geotechnical Engineering
Kasmalkar Geotechnical Engineering
Gulhati Geotechnical Engineering
Coduto Geotechnical Engineering
Kramer Geotechnical Earthquake engineering
Hydrology and Water Resource
Author Titles
Mays Water Resources Engineering
Todd Ground Water Hydrology
Subramanys Engineering Hydrology
Jog Hydroeletric and Pamped, storage plants
Murthy Watershed Management
Raghunath Ground Water
Raghunarth Hydrology, Priniciples, Analysis and Design
Chow Applied Hydrology
Linsley Water Resources Engineering
Linsley Hydrology for engineers
Dandekar Water power engineering
Garg Hydrology and water resources engineering
Nigam Hand Book of Hydroeletric engineering
Varshney Hydro Power structures systems 
Subramanya Flow on open channels
Varshney Water Resources systems
Sharma Text book of Hydrology and water resources
Suresh Watershed, Hydrology
Vedula – Majumdar Majumdar Water resources systems
Wurb Water resources engineering
Qasim Water works Engineering (Planning, Design and operation)
Author Titles
Duggal Civil Engineering through objective type
Khurmi Civil Engineering (objective type)
Agor Civil Engineering (objective)
Manoj Kumar Interview in civil Engineering
Bhatia Question Bank incivil Engineering with applications
Ramamurtham Hand Book of Civil Engineering ( Conventional) and objective
Reddy Civil Engineering (objective type)
Suresh Objective in soil & water engineering
V.S.Murthy Question Bankin civil  Engineering (conventional and Objective)
Handa Civil Engineering (Objective)
Gupta – Gupta Civil Engineering (Objective)
Author Titles
Deolalikar Plumbing design and Practice
Audels Plumbers and Pipe fitters library
Vol -I Materials Tools, Calculations
Vol -II Drainage, Fittings, Fixtures
Vol -III Installation, Heating, Welding
Panchdhary Water supply and Sonitary Installations
Birdie Basic Course in plumber
Gupta – Kaushik Plumbing and Sanitation
Patil Plumbing Engineering
Bhatia Environmental Services (Plumbing)
Patil Building Services (Electro- Mechanical and environmental services)
Mohan Design and Practical
Handbook on plumbing
Project Management
Author Titles
Chandra Project: Planning Analysis, Selection, Implementation and review 5/e
Choudhary Project Management
Joy Total Project Management
Meredith Project Management
Ghattas Practical Project Management
Mayior Project Management
Kerzner Project Management
Gopalkrishna Project Management
Patel Projects Management
Burke Project Management
Gray Project Managemnt ( The Complete Guide for every manager)
Gray Project Management ( The managerial process)
Cooke Project Management
Pumps, Piping
Author Titles
Hicks Pump Operations and Maintenance
Michael Water wells and pump engineering
Srivastava Pump – A Complete reference
Sahu Handbook of piping Design
Sahu Pump, Theary, Design and applications
Karassik Pump handbook 3/e
Nayyyar Piping handbook
Hanlon Compressor Handbook
Jain Pump (theroy and practice)
Gupta- Kaushik Pump servicing and maintenance
Hicks Pump application engineering
Stepanoff Centringual and axial flow pump
Linsley Pipefitters Handbook
Chasis Plasic piping systems
Peggs Underground piping handbook
Weaver Process piping design Vol -I and II
Sherwood Piping Guide
Kellog Design of piping system
Hicks Pump Operations and Maintenance
Michael Water wells and pump engineering
Srivastava Pump – A Complete reference
Sahu Handbook of piping Design
Sahu Pump, Theary, Design and applications
Karassik Pump handbook 3/e
Nayyyar Piping handbook
Hanlon Compressor Handbook
Jain Pump (theroy and practice)
Gupta- Kaushik Pump servicing and maintenance
Hicks Pump application engineering
Stepanoff Centringual and axial flow pump
Linsley Pipefitters Handbook
Chasis Plasic piping systems
Peggs Underground piping handbook
Weaver Process piping design Vol -I and II
Sherwood Piping Guide
Kellog Design of piping system
Quality Control / Management
Author Titles
Grant statistical quality control 7/e
Jain Quality control and total quality management
Juran Quality planning and analysis 3/e
Pyzdek Quality Engineering Handbook
Sundara Raju Toal Quality management
UDPA Quality circles (Progress through participation) 2/e
Besterfield Total quality management
Mitra Fundamentals of quality control and Improvement
Juran Juran’s quality handbook 5/e
Gitlow Quality Management 3/e
Ross Taguchi techniques for quality engineering
Hansen Quality control and reliability
Mahajan Statistical quality control
sharma Inspection, Quality control and reliability
Chitale- Jain Quality Assurance and total quality management
Gupta Statistical Quality Control
Arora ISO 9001 to OHAS 18001
Montgoery Introduction to statistical quality control 4/e
Oakland TQM. (Text with cases)
Oakland Statistical Process Control
Nelson TQM and ISO 9000 for Architects and Designers
Zaidi SPC – Concepts, Methodologie and tools
R.C.C. (Reinforced Concrete Construction)
Author Titles
Syal and Goel Reinforced concrete sturctures
Iyengar Tosteel Design Handbook for reainforced
Pillai Reinforced concrete Design
Raina Concrete for construction
Sinha Handbook of reinforced concrete design
Varghese Advanced Reinforced concrete Design 2/e
Neville Concrete Technology
Neville Properties of concrete Design 2/e
Varghese Limit state Design of reinforced concrete
Shah Kale RCC theory and design
Emons Concretee repairand maintenance (IIIustrated)
Sinha and Ray Fundamentals of reinforced concrete 
K.C.Jain Comprehensive Design for R.C.C. Slabs (A ready recokner)
Leet Reinforced concrete design 3/e
Nilson Design of concrete structures 3/e
Krishna Raju  Design of concrete mixes
Dayaratnam Design of reinforced concrete structures
Fintel Handbook of concrete engineering
Krishna Raju Design of Reinforced concrete strucures
Krishna Raju Advanced Reinforced concrete Design 
Ramaswamy Design and construction of concrete shell roofs
Saxena Problems in reinforced concrete design
Allen RC design to BS 8110 -Simply explained
Sinha Reinforced concrete Design2/e
Vazirani- Ratwani Concrete structures
Varyni Design aids for limit state design of Reinforced concrete members
Mehra- Vazirani Limit state design (IS-456-2000)
Jai Krishna-Jain Plain and reinforced concrete
Ashok Gupta Design of rainforced concrete structures
Ramamurtham Design of rainforced concrete structures (Including Limit State)
Punmia Comprehensive R.C.C. Design
Punmia Rainforced concrete structures Vol-I / Vol-II
Puri Practicol Handbook of Reinforced cement concrete
Jain Reinforced concrete (Limit state Design)
Puri Practicol Handbook of Reinforced cement concrete
Gurucharan Singh Theory and design of R.C.C. Structures
Karve-Shah Handbook of reinforced concrete design
Karve-Shah IIIustrated reinfoeced concrete design
H.J.Shah Reinforced concrete Vol-I
H.J.Shah Reinforced concrete Vol-II
Purushottama Raj Ground Improvement techniques
Krishan Raju Design of concrete mixes
Sabnis Concrete Mix Design
Sushilkumar Treasure of R.C.C. Designs
Ramachandra Limit state Design State Design
Reynold Reinforced Concrete Designer Handbook
Varyani Biaxial Bending of Reinforced concrete member
Bhavikati Desing of R.C.C. Sturctural Elements
Ramachandran Concrete admixtures handbook
Popovics Concrete materials
Schaum Series (Everard) Theary and problems of reinforced concrete design
Karve-Shah IIIustrated Design of R.C. Building (G+3)
Dr.N.Subramanian Design of Steel Structures, Oxford University Press, 2008
Dr.N.Subramanian Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Oxford University Press, 2014
Author Titles
Ebeling An introduction to reliablity and maintainability Engineering
Gupta Reliability Engineering and Terotechnology
Nowak Reliability of structures
O’Connor Practical Reliability engineering
Khushwaha raliability, safely and Hazard
Srinath Reliablity Engineering
Srinath Mechanical Reliability
Ranganathan Structural Reliablity analysis and Design
Author Titles
Goodman Introduction to rock mechanics
Verma Rock Mechanics
Roads (High Way)
Author Titles
Kadyali Highway Engineering (Including Express ways & airport engineering)
Khannna- Justo Highway Material testing
Khannna- Justo Highway Engineering 
Bindra A Course in highway  Engineering
Saxena Tunnel  Engineering
Gurucharan Singh Highway Engineering
Rangwala Highway engineering
Priyani Highway and Airport engineering
Wright Highway Engineering 7/e
Mundrey Railway Track Engineering 3/e
Bindra Tunnel, Bridge and Railway engineering
Saxena Tunnel Engineering
Saxena- Arora A text book of railway engineering
Gupta Railway  Engineering 
Rangawala Railway Engineering
Partab Modern electric traction
Bicket Tunnel engineering handbook
Soil Mechanics and Foundations
Author Titles
Kaniraj Design aids in soil mechanics and foundation engineering
Lambe Soil mechanics and foundation
Alam Singh Basic soil mechinics and foundation
Garg Soil mechanics and foundation engineering
Singh- Parkash Soil machanics and foundation engineering
Moitra Numerical Problem and soil machanics and foundation engineering
Punmia Soil mechanics and foundation
Arora Soil mechanics and foundation engineering
Gopal Ranjan Basic and Appiled soil mechanics 2/e
Gopal Ranjan and Rao Basic and appiled soil mechanics
Mandal Soil testing in civil engineering
Alam Singh Soil enginering theroy and practice
Vol I: Fundamentals general principles
Vol II: Geotechnical, testing instrumens
Vol III: selected topics
Verma Problems on soil mechanics
Mithal Soil testing for engineering
Swami Saran Soil dnamics and machine foundations
Terzaki Soil mechanics in engineering practice
Lambe Soli mechanics (SI version)
Kameswara Rao Dynamic soil Tests and Appplication
Steel Structures
Author Titles
Duggal Design of steel structures 2/e
Negi Design of steel structures 2/e
Raz Structural design in steel
Gaylord Design of steel structures 
Rokach Structural steel design (schaum)
Gorakhov Durability of steel structures
Abu- saba Design of steel Sturctures
Owens Steel designers manual (Latest edition)]
Vazirani – Ratwani Design and analysis of steel structures (Including and timber and plastic)
Schand Dayaratnam design of steel structures
Arya- Ajmani Design of steel structures
Ramamurtham Design of steel structures
Punmia Comprehensive design of steel steuctures
Syal Design of steel structures
Malhotra Design of steel structures
Englekirk Steel structures
Ramachandra Design of steel structure Vol-I / Vol- II
Vinnakato Steel structures Behavioe and LRFD (without sub card)
Rokach (Schaum series) Theory and problems of structures steel design
Gorenc Steel desiner’s handbook
Strength of Materials
Author Titles
Pytel Mechanics of meterials
Ryder Strengh of materials
Riley Mechanics of meterials
Beer- Johnston Mechanics of materials (SI Metric Edition)
Budynas Advanced strength and applied stress analysis
Courtney Mechanical behaviour of materials
Nash Strengh of materials 4/e (schaum)
Gere/ Timoshenko Mechanics of materials 
Timoshenko Strength of materials Vol I
Timoshenko Strengh of materials Vol II
Bhavikalti Strength of materials 
Ramamurtham Strength of meterials
Punmia Mechanies of Materials
Bansal Strength of material
Sarkar Strength of materials
Prasad Strength of materials
Sadhu singh Strength of materials
Khurmi Strength of materials
Rajput Strength of materials
Malhotra- Gupta Strength of materials
Punmia Strenght of materials and mechinics of structures Vol I, Vol II, 
Junnarkar Mechanies of Sturctures Vol I, Vol II
R.S.Lehri – A.S. Lehri Strength of matrials
Vaishwanar Strength of materials
Boresi Advanced mechanics of material
Timoshenko Elements of strength of material