Performance Based Seismic Design of Buildings-The Indian Context-Vatsal Gokani
  • Introduction
  • Ground Motion Characterization
  • Analytical Modeling for Structural Analysis
  • Service Level Earthquake (SLE) Evalution
  • Maximum Considered Earthquake (MCE) Evaluation
  • PSBD Example: Office Building in Mumbai
One day workshop on Structural Health Evalution Vis – A – Vis Prescriptive “Mandatory Format Of Structural Audit”
Date: 18th January 2020
  • Structural Assessment, structural Audit & Statutory Provisions By Umesh Dhargalkar.
  • Overview of ‘Structural Audit’,’Visual Inspection’, ‘Relevance & Limitations of NDT’ By Jayant Kulkarni.
  • Technical Paper Structural Audit – Current Practice And Pitfalls : Statutory And Professional Angles By Kaustubh Raikar & Chetan Raikar.
  • Interpretation Of Non Destructive Testing Of Concrete Structures By Ravi Ranade.
  • Relevance & Limitation Of NDT By Arvind Parulekar.
  • Professional Responsibility & Liability Of Structural Engineer In Structural Audit By Er. Dhairyashil Khairepatil.
  • Problems Faced By Structural Engineers On Structural Health Evalution By Hemant Vadalkar.
  • Structural Evalution OR Condition Survey Of An Existing Building By Shrinivas R. Karnam.
  • Limitation of NDT In case of Old Buildings In Mumbai By S. H. Jain.
  • Constraints In Structural Audits By Umesh Joshi, Achyut Watve & Mukul Dehadrai.
One day workshop on “Insight into Wind Loading using IS875 Part 3 : 2015”
Date: 27th April 2019
  • Fundamentals of Wind Engineering – Dr. K. Suresh Kumar
  • Limitations of Code and New changes in IS 875 (PART 3) 2015 – Dr. K Suresh Kumar
  • Along wind and across wind load calculations on tall buildings. – Dr. K Suresh Kumar
  • Low rise structures – Dr. K Suresh Kumar
  • Sample wind load calculation on tall building – Mr. Hemant Vadalkar and Vatsal Gokani
  • Commonly asked questions on wind load calculation
One Day Seminar on ” Pre – Engineered Structures”
Date: 29th January, 2011
  • Pre – Engineered Building Solutions Kamal Hadker
  • Design Duidelines For Pre – Engineered Steel Industrial Buildings P.S.Badrinarayan
  • Post – Installed Concrete Anchors: state of the Art Jacob Olsen, Thilo Pregartner
  • Sapce Frames Roof Structures and Glazing M.G. Gadgil
  • Innovative Solutions For Enabling Structures A.B.Karnik
  • Tilt Up Structures N.K. Bhattachryya
  • ” Pre Engineered Structures” By Innovative Masonry Method Ganesh N. Kamat, Dr. Ahuja Kamat
  • Problems Faced In Pre – Engineered Constructions S.Vaithyanathan
One Day Work Shop on “Pile Foundations”
Date: 20th February, 2010
  • The Underground Mystery Hemant Vadalkar
  • GEOTECHNICAL Investigations, Interpretation of Soil /Rock Paramerters And Recommendations Dr.S.Y. Mhaiskar
  • Bored Precast Pile D.J. Ketkar
  • Practical Guidelines For Quality And High Capacity Bored Cast -In-Situ Pile Dr. N.V.Nayak
  • Marine Piling – A challenging Task A.B.Karnik and Hemant Vadalkar
  • Pile Foundation : Quality Assurance Dr. V.V.Nori
  • Piling In Aggressive Ground Water Environment V.T.Ganpule
  • Precautions For Design And Construction Of Piles Prof. G.B.Chudhari
  • Ethical Testing Practices For Pile Foundation Ravikiran Vaidya
“Foundations For Highrise Buildings”
Date: 23rd September, 2006
  • Geotechnical Investigations For Rafts and Pile Foundations by Dr. S.Y. mhaiskar
  • Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering Guidelines for High Rise Buildings by Dr. N.V. Nayak
  • Case Studies of High Rise Building Foundations ( Geotechnical) by Eng. Jaydeep Wagh
  • Analytical Modeling for Foundation Systems by Eng. Hemant Vdalkar
  • Case Studies for High Rise Buildings Foundations by Eng. Kamal Hadker
  • Important STEPS in Design and Execution of High Rise Building Foundation by Eng. S.H. Jain
“Innovative Repair Materials / Chemicals”
Date: 1st October, 2005
  • Repairs and Rehabilitaion of RCC Buildings (Structures) Related Materials And Techniques by J.J.Shah
  • Quality Assurance of Construction Chemicals :- Important Aspect of Successful Repairs by Dr. S.K. Manjrekar
  • New Materals in Repair and Rehabilitation of RCC Structures by Abhijit Mukharjee
  • Basics Of Cracking Problems
  • Protection – The Most Important Step In Repair Samir Surlaker – Managing Director
  • Rehabilitation and Retrofitting ofRC Structures Using Non – Metallic Fiber Composites Mangesh Joshi and Abhijit Mukharjee
A One Day Seminar on 30th Octobar, 2004 “Shear Walls In Highrise Building”
Date: 30th October, 2004
  • Preliminary Introduction of Shear Walls by D.S.Joshi
  • Analytical Modeling of Shear Walls in High Rise Buildings by Hemant Vadalkar
  • High Rise Structures in Concrete by Vasudev V.Nori
  • Shear Walls in High – Rise Buildings by Prof – M.D. Mulay
  • Design And Detaling of Shear Walls In High Rise Buildings by Alpa Sheth / Rasik Sawla
  • Shear Walls : Design Engineer’s View by Hemant Vadalkar
  • Important Steps For Shear Wll In High Rise Buildings by S.H. Jain
A One Day Workshop on 6th March, 2004 “Guidance For Effective Use Of Structural Software”
Date: 6th March, 2004
  • Do’s & Don’t and General Guidelines for modelling and result verification Hemant Vadalkar – STADD ENGINEERS, MUMBAI
  • Solution to common modelling problems Hemant Vadalkar – STADD ENGINEERS, MUMBAI
  • Technical Understanding : Case Studies Partha Pratim Roy, REPL
  • Software Validation for analysis and design Hemant Vadalkar – STADD ENGINEERS, MUMBAI
  • G+7 Sample R.C.C. Building example for illustration Hemnat Vadalkar-STADD Engineers,MUMBAI
  • Finite Element Methods- Problems and Practices Dr.V.V.Nori-SPA
  • High – rise Building Analysis and design : Important Points Kamal Hadker – Sterilling Engg. Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd
  • Annexure 1 : STADD pro sample data file
Professional Services For Structural Design Consultant Manual of Practice
Date: July, 2003
  • Objectives of this Manual
  • Component Agencies and their Scope of Work
  • The Structural Design Consultant and his Clients
  • Scope of Services by the Structural Design Consultant: Pre-Construction Phase
  • Scope of Services by the Structural Design Consultant: Inspection & Certification
  • Responsibillties and Liabllities of Structural Design Consultant
  • Model Guidelines and Recommended Forms: Letters, Records and Certificates
Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures For Earthquake Resistance
Date: 12th January, 2001
  • Section 1 : The Mother Earth And The Earthquakes.
  • Section 2 : The Structure.
  • Section 3 : Principles For considerations Of Design Earthquake Forces.
  • Section 4 : Philosophy Of Ductility.
  • Section 5 : Ductility Requirements And Detailing.
  • Section 6 : Stiffness Strength And Capacity Design.
  • Section 7 : Lateral Force Analysis Of Buliding Systems.
  • Section 8 : The Pictures Speak.
  • Section 9 : Open Forum – Questions And Answers
  • Section 10 : Advance Earthquake Resistant techiques.
  • Section 11 : Design Example Of A Building With Useful Data.
  • Section 12 : Conclusions.
National Conference on Corrosion Controlled Structure
Date: 19th-20th Nov, 1999
  • Theme I – Corrosion theory & its propagation in structures – S.G.Goglekar
  • Theme II – Identification and appraisal of corrosion in structures – K.Mani
  • Theme III – System of corrosion control in housing structures – Samir Surlakar
  • Theme IV – System of corrosion control in industrial structures – R.N.Raikar
  • Theme IV – System of corrosion control in infra-structure & bridge projects – S.V.Sontakke
  • Theme VI – Case studies of restoration of corrosion affected structures – C.V.Kand


Sr No Name Rs.
1 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures for Earthquake Resistance 950/-
2 Professional Services by Structural Design Consultant – Manual for Practice 250/-


Sr. No. Name Rs.
01 National Conference on Corrosion Controlled Structure in New Millennium 500/-
02 Workshop on ISO-9001 for Construction Industry 250/-
03 Workshop on- seismic Design of Building – 23rd February,2002 250/-
04 Workshop   on Effective Use of Structural Software, 6th March, 2004 250/-
05 One Day Seminar on “Shear Walls In Highrise Building”,30th Octobar, 2004 250/-
06 Seminar on “Innovative Repair Materials / Chemicals”, 1st October, 2005 300/-
07 Seminar on “Foundations For Highrise Buildings”, 23rd September, 2006  250/-
08 Seminar on structural Detailing in RCC Buildings – 26th May,2007 300/-
09 One Day Work Shop on “Pile Foundations”, 20th February, 2010  250/-
10 One Day One Day Seminar on “Pre – Engineered Structures”, 29th January, 2011  250/-
11 One Day workshop on  “Insight into Wind Loading using IS875, Part 3 : 2015”, 27th April 2019 300/-
12 One day workshop on  “Structural Health Evalution Vis – A – Vis Prescriptive “Mandatory Format Of Structural Audit” On 18th Jan ,2020 300/-
13 Performance Based Seismic Design of Buildings 600/-
14 Any ISSE Journal Copy 100/-

Note : Additional courier charges for Mumbai Rs. 50 for outstation Rs. 100).