26th June, 2009
Reinforcement detailing of structural component, Joints and supports is very important for achieving the desired structural performance and load transfer in RCC structures. It is both, a science and an art

Today, with structural becoming more and more complex, detailing has assumed significance like never before. The provision of ductile detailing as per IS : 13920 have also becomes imperative and hold the promise to prevent sudden collapse while allowing significant deflections and cracking during major earthquakes

Structural software has come a long way from its Initial role of solving large computational problems to catering to today’s needs of automation, user friendliness, detailed drawings and end – to- end performance. There is no wonder, then that today’s structural designers are looking for software which would take as much load off their heads in as little times as possible.

This seminar will start with a session on the requirement of ductile detailing an d then illustrate how modern structural software can carry out analysis and design to today’s structures and can seamlessly proceed to produce structural drawi9ngs in conformity with IS : 13920.

STRUDS – a software developed by Soft Tech Engineers Pvt Ltd, Pune is a tools for structural analysis, design & detailing of RC framed buildings. Various Clauses of IS: 13920 (1993) for ductile detailing have been implemented in STRUDS along with generation of structural drawings. This will be demonstrated using a live example of an RCC building.