1st November, 2003

About the Workshop
As per the latest byelaws of co-operative housing societies it is mandatory to carry out Structural Audit of the building of the society. The purpose of such audit is to assess the condition of the building. A well defined methodology for carrying out structural audit is, however, not available. Also, there are many issues and practical difficulties, which stem out from this relatively new requirement. The purpose of the workshop is to present a methodology and guidelines (including model report and forms) for carrying out structural audit. Many important issues from various angles (Technical, Social, Administrative etc) and practical difficulties will also be discussed.Contents of Workshop

  • Introduction:Purpose of structural audit, interpretation and applicability
  • Aspects of Audit:
  • Scope, methodology & practical difficulties, seismic considerations, professional fees, limitations of audit & suggested improvements
  • Guidelines & Case Study:Model audit report and forms A case study
  • Related issues: Responsibility & liability of the auditor, viewpoint of the authorities, viewpoint of the client, enforcement