Seminar on Structural Detailing In RCC Buildings
26th May, 2006
About the Seminar

Detailing of structural components, joints and supports is very important for achieving the desired structural performance and load transfer in an RCC building. There are two requirement of good detailing. First, it should ensure that the assumptions made during structural modeling are properly translated into construction. Second, it should ensure unambiguous instructions to the contractor so that very little is left to “ good construction practices.” Detailing is both, an art and a science.

For years, detailing has been largely synonymous with reinforcement detailing. However in today’s context, it encompasses a lot many other things such as seismic considerations, provisions for services & equipment, connections, construction sequence, soil-structure interaction and use of special products. Good structural detailing is the hallmark of a good consulting engineer.

This seminar has been organized by ISSE in association with the Institution of Engineers, MSC. It has been designed to address various aspects of structural detailing through deliberations in the form of first hand experiences and case studies. Broadly the following areas shall ne covered:

  • Foundation & Substructure
  • Superstructure
  • Checking at site
  • Structural rehabilitation
  • Software for detailing
  • Special products & materials