23rd February, 2002
About the Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to explain in details the concepts of structural analysis, design and detailing of RCC framed structures for earthquake resistance ,it will be presented by Mr.D.S.JOSHI , a seminar consulting engineer and the chairman of ISSE committee for codes & standards responsible for writing the book “DESIGN OF REAINFORED CONCRETE STRUCTURES FOR EARTHQUAKE RESISTANCE” A former assistant professor of structural engineering at SPCE, Mumbai, Mr.Joshi has been guiding post-graduate students of structural engineering.

The workshop will cover the following

  • A numerical example illustrating the evaluation of seismic loads, structural analysis, design and ductile detailing of a stilts+10 storied building with regular shape
  • Guidelines for buildings of smaller heights
  • Guidelines for buildings of different shapes
  • Guidelines for buildings of different seismic zones
  • Influence of soil conditions on superstructure