27th December, 2008

The present decade has seen an unprecedented growth to construction activity in India. Today’s construction projects are not only more complex than before but are also more complex than before but are also more demanding for better quality, exacting standards and times bound completion. But are we geared up to handle the opportunities that are coming our way? What do we need to successfully execute today’s construction projects?
The answer is trained manpower.

Be it consultancy, construction management or supervision of work, today it is very difficult to get competent and trained personnel. This crunch, in number as well as quality of manpower, is experienced at all levels… The problem becomes even acute when we look for special or multidisciplinary skills

What are the causes for such a manpower crunch? At the national level, What can we do about this? At the must be handling this situation in his own way. What can we from the experience of our peers?

  • Structural Designers & Architects
  • Project management Consultant
  • Developers & Contractors
  • Corporate & Govt. Organizations

It is expected that the deliberations would lead to a white paper, which would clearly define challenges and suggest solutions.