22nd August, 2008

About the Workshop
All of us Engineers acquire skill in various subject related to our own field. We get exposure to diverse Engineering fields starting techniques, hydraulics leading to large structures like dams and canals, applied mechanics and strength of materials leading to do as analysis and design of concrete and steel structures of specialized nature and specialized structures.

We learn soil mechanics and geo-technical engineering leading to foundation engineering, roads, highways and airports. Many of us specialize ourselves in one or two main fields of in which they had developed some interest and have limited exposure to other related education leading to post graduation and doctorate. Broadly we can make a blanket statement that we are reasonably good at the subject related to Engineering.

This works out perfectly well till the time one is serving with some firm or practicing as a free lancer.

However the entire curriculum does not give any exposure to other equally important fields viz Accounts and Administration on one side whereas Management, related statutory acts and HRD on the other side.

Although all of us do have a genuine desire to practice in a straightforward and lawful manner, many a times a Practicing Engineers is caught on wrong foot because if ignorance. One has to face unpleasant situation and pay fine and penalties almost for no fault of his.

This workshop is an effort to give introduction to various causes related to income Tax, Service Tax and the Statutory Acts under which every practitioner is covered.

You will get a brief introduction to all this subjects. One need to select his /her own consultant and take their help from time for specific individual requirements.

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