8th October, 2008


Slabs are pre-stressed concrete floor slabs (with or without beams) for buildings They have been in practice in the development countries for more than two decades. However, it is only recently that we find regular grids, they provide several advantages over reinforced concrete (RC) slabs, such buildings, technology parks, malls places of exhibition & entertainment act, PT slabs not only provide large column ferry spaces ( many times without beam projections) for flexibility of usage but they can be economical also. With specialist agencies and software available, RC slabs some situations. The seminar will consist of talks and technical deliberation on the emerging concept. BBR (INDIA) LTD. is one of the specialist sub- contracting companies in the field of pre-stressed concrete. It is a subsidiary of BBR systems, Switzerland and has been in existence in India since 1986. BBR (India)Ltd. has carried out design execution of several PT slab projects in India. The evening seminar is being sponsored by them.