Indian Society of Structural Engineers (ISSE)’was founded on 29th Jan1997 by ten advisory trustees under the leadership of great visionary & eminent engineer Late R. L. Nene its membership all over India in now more 1684.  ISSE has been founded to resolve issues for the welfare of structural engineers since there was no professional institution solely dedicated and development to the cause of structural engineering profession in India, it fulfils the great need felt over many years
The prime area of operation of the society covers the following :
To Uphold the role and status of Structural Engineer in construction industry with an awareness of professionalism.
To define Boundaries of Responsibilities of Structural Engineers, commensurate with remuneration.
To get deserving registration with all Government Organizations, Corporations and similar other bodies all over India, for the members
To assist and coordinate Certification policies adopted by various authorities i.e. Central, State and Semi Government bodies including Municipal Corporation, MHADA, CIDCO (in Maharashtra ) and similar other bodies in other states to remove anomalies if any.
To apprise all State, Central & semi – Government bodies, Corporations including Municipalities, the necessity of appointing Structural Engineers directly by organization to have their services for safety and soundness of structures to be built.
To update members on the development in various fields of structural engineers i.e. Designing, Computer Programming, Construction, Rehabilitation, research investigative testing or teaching ect. and arrange training there of.

In order to achieve the above goal, it is the need of the hour that all professional Engineers including those in service to come under platform for their rightful place in the society. For this purpose, ISSE welcomes all working in the field of structural engineering to become its member.