20th February, 2010

To guide structural engineers for efficient planning, analysis , design , detailing and quality control of pile foundations.

Foundation is the most important component which directly affects the safety and stability the structure. Pile foundations are commonly used for many civil engineering structures, like buildings, bridges, marine structures etc. Various types of pile like micro-piles, pre-cast bored or driven piles, and steel, bored cast in situ piles are in use for various applications. Bored cast in situ piles are most commonly used. Since the work is done under ground, it is necessary to monitor and record the data for every step in the construction of pile foundations. There are many grey areas in the design and construction of pile foundation. This includes interpretation of soil data, assumption of the sub- grade modulus for different soil layers for design of piles under lateral load, termination depth for friction and end bearing piles. The most crucial aspects is ensuring quality control at site as the construction of piles below the ground cannot be visually inspected.

Various aspects of geotechnical parameters modeling of the foundation systems, analysis, detailing, construction aspects, monitoring and quality control at site for pile foundations along with case studies will be discussed during the workshop. Eminent structural and geotechnical engineers like De. N.V.Nayak, Dr.S.Y.Mhaiskar, Dr.V.V.Nori, Mr.S.R.Ambiye, Mr.V.T.Ganpule, Prof.G.B.Chaudhary, , Mr.D.J.Ketkar, Mr. Ravikiran Vaidya will share their experience.